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How a Medium can help you overcome the grief of a lost loved one.

We have all come across different stages in our life where we had to let go of our favorite trinket, give away our favorite toy or doll, donated an aged vehicle to charity for a tax receipt, or simply share our last piece of the cake with a loved one. We have all lived through situations where we were bound to let go of certain things that we cherished and loved the most in this world, usually in the name of making changes or moving forward.

Letting go of materialistic things have been easier than letting go of humans, especially when it is not your choice. The attachment that we hold with our friends and family is awfully hard to let go of. It is an unimaginable heart wrenching feeling that is impossible to get rid of. A feeling of longing, to hold them, kiss them, connect with them, feel their presence around you, one last time and talk to them. It all seem impossible after they pass away. But its not. With the help of a Medium, you can receive messages and validations from your loved ones who have crossed into the spirit world.

"I speak to dead people!"

From the age of 6, I've known there was a whole other “world” out there. Not until my early thirties was I ready to embrace and share with others the connection I have. For me, part of my gift is to allow people to connect and feel the love but also to communicate life lessons from the spirits. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and these spirit connections have bundles of hindsight! They have also guided me to believe that life is too short, that opportunities to be better people and live better lives are all around us, and that laughter is the best medicine, even when facing adversity.

It is for these reasons that I refer to myself as "The unconventional Medium". Unconventional not only because I use comedy as part of my methodology for communicating messages from the spirits, but also because my messages are direct and to the point. I don't tend to sugar coat things or beat around the bush. I open my live shows jokingly by telling people that I “speaks to dead people” and the audience is immediately put at ease with the comedic tone set for the live show of gallery readings.

Getting Closure

I can read your energy and link you with your lost loved ones and friends so you can connect with them once again. An opportunity to use your not so very last chance again and talk to them, feel their presence around you and tell them how much you love them, how much you miss them is a great way to get some closure.

Spirits show up until they are willing to, however I am able to call out to your passed loved ones and request messages and validations. You can talk to them and know if they have any undone tasks left, or learn their last wish that they couldn’t tell you when they were alive. Imagine the comfort you can receive by getting personal validations from your dearly beloved, knowing that they are safe and healthy on “the other side”.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience one of my live shows, check out the many videos on the media page, Facebook page or YouTube account.

I also offers personal readings, so if you prefer for me to channel your loved ones in a private setting, I can do that too. A profound extrasensory spiritual medium reading will disclose to you whatever the spirits convey to me and will likewise have the capacity to ask the soul questions you may need answered. Before your reading, it’s a good idea to have thought about some questions you might like answered. It's also best to be open to getting information you might not have been anticipating.

Whenever you visit me, or any other qualified spiritual medium, always have a receptive outlook before your reading. Have a mindset to take what is given and interpret in your own way. You may get beyond what you were originally seeking, as spirits react to your positive energy.

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