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About Me

This is what I know. I am beautifully flawed just like you.


I have had to ask those same hard questions about life just as you have.

"Am I “different? -  No.


I have always been able to connect with ENERGY since I was a young girl. The journey was understanding that process. That process can be compared to giving a Generation Y child an 8 track cassette tape and them asking “what is this?” This process is exactly the same when anyone is given an unfamiliar huge task to walk through.

As a medium it is my job to understand what energy gives me, in turn, then communicating that to my clients in the form of validations. As I have grown with my connection, it is clear to me that a reading is not just  about the validation, it's also about connection of the person still living through the loss. The death of a loved one on many levels teaches us how to check back into our own lives and lead a life filled with purpose and direction. If you are wanting  me to tell you when you will get married, or when you will have a baby, or the winning lottery numbers,  then I may not  be the person for you.


My Approach

session is 100% Energy-led. That means I deliver what I "feel" rather than what you want to hear. Spirit generally communicates what they feel are the most pressing matters for you, so it may be validation from those you have lost, advice on the mountain you feel you are facing in your life, or insights around navigating through a life growth spurt.
 I have said this for 16 years and I will say it again, I will not do your hard work when it comes to navigating your life, I will help you find the tools that you need to be your own champion. There is no easy button in life and people like me do not have one hidden for you.

Labels are for jars. Unfortunately in the world, we live in, we all depend on some type of label to be identified with what we do,who we are, and how we feel. Labels are wearing us down, making us people whom we do not want to be. I am breaking that rule right now.

In short, we all need to celebrate life in whatever capacity it has been handed to us. It is not about the actual journey of life, it is who you choose to be through it.

"Labels are for jars."

Why See Jennie?

Bumps in the road

Life throws all manner of things at us. Sometimes you just need another point of view to navigate through them. 


Not just connection with loved ones that have moved on, but also discovering a connection with yourself.

Moving On

Reassurances, validations and messages from those that are missed. An opportunity to close off a chapter.

"It's not about death, it's about who you are through death".

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