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Energy is Energy is Energy

Did you know that having a session with me via live video is no different then having a session in person? Why?


The entire purpose of a session with me is to not only receive validation, but to also start looking at why validations are important to you and ultimately what you gain in your life by receiving them.

Validations are just one part of a session. My job is to not make a believer out of you, it is my job to connect to energy. Energy is energy is energy whether it is in a physical vessel or not. Energy is fluid.

Remember this. You are the one that makes it possible for me to sense your loved ones. Their energy is carried by you. Please note: There are no pearly gates that appear when I sense your loved ones.

Receiving only validations that your love ones are with you is just the beginning of the journey with the door that you’ve chosen to open.

How do you feel when you are connecting with your loved ones?

When you allow yourself to feel, what are you being led to do or to navigate that ultimately brings you joy and serves you?

If we repeatedly reach out to others to create a sense of peace within us, there will be no longevity in this. No one can create peace or awareness for you. What I can help you with is to find some tools that you need in order for you to experience peace for yourself so that you can move forward in your life pulling from those tools.

Look at it this way. If you can allow me to sense feel and understand your energy and the energy around you, you have already committed to being open and available to this process. This should lead you to believe that your energy and the energy around you is accessible and completely available for you to tap into. All you need to do is be available. Being available means being present. Now you are saying to yourself, how can this be so simple? Well maybe the real question is why am I making it so difficult?

If you walk in and you want me to pull a unicorn and fairy dust out of my ass,

I am fresh out of them!! A moment, a connection, or a feeling, can only happen if you are available and present.

Ultimately what we are all wanting is connection . Plain and simple.

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