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Jennie Ogilvie - Filming the PILOT Episode

This is a copy of the blog post originally written by Dana Goldstein of Digital Shoebox. You can read the original post here

On the road with a woman who hears voices. From the dead.

Earlier this spring, I spent three days on the road with Jennie Ogilvie. Jennie is a spiritual medium, which is a benign way to say she talks to dead people. I’ve always been on the fence about this, straddled between wanting to believe and rolling my eyes.

I also believe in following your gut (though I don’t always listen –  ask me about my first marriage), which is how Jennie and I ended up filming a pilot. FOR A TV SERIES!!!

Jennie and I were loosely connected via our respective networks. When she popped into my WomenTalk circle, I felt compelled to reach out, so I called her.

In a tone that said don’t argue with me, I told her: “Don’t ask me why, but we need to film a pilot. Do you have any upcoming shows?”

And off we went to Ponoka, Ermineskine and Rimby, Alberta. Two shows, a private reading and a message circle. It was the message circle that messed me up. We were in a conference room in Rimby, with 11 people who hired Jennie for private readings. There was a lot of emotion in that room and I watched a women move from absolute skepticism to undeniable belief. I was so shaken by the energies in the room, that I told Jennie I was taking a soak in my hotel room bathtub, microbes and bacteria be damned.

Jennie captured my reaction – I was shaking – after the message circle and you can watch it here.

I was emotionally and physically spent after that weekend, but the journey was also filled with laughter and tears of joy. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I know Jennie enjoyed being followed around by a camera too; while she was holding shows around Ontario, she sent me a text telling me she missed having me around.

We are still working on the pilot, but for now, you can see what Jennie is all about in the video below.

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